Do it for yourself first. You'll love it. I promise

Pricing (one on one session)

option 1: about 20 minutes (no outfit change)... $125

option 2: about 40 minutes (1 outfit changes).... $175
option 3: about 1 hour (2 outfit changes)....$200
option 4: about 75 minutes (3-4 outfit changes)...$250 


For a one on one session, the location is the responsibility of the client. We can shoot at your home, hotel room, or even outside if you’re daring! If your home / location is outside of Erie, PA, there will be an additional travel fee starting at $10 based on address. 

Studio Pricing  (subject to availability)

besides some killer natural light and a simplistic, clean setting, the studio also includes a bed, standing mirror, and other props such as chairs and rugs to get creative and have FUN

option 1: about 25 minutes  (no outfit change)... $175

option 2: about 45 minutes (1 outfit changes).... $200
option 3: about 1 hour  (2 outfit changes)...$250

option 4: about 75 minutes (3-4 outfit changes)...$275 



All of the acceptable images from the session, retouched with edits and Print Release. Images will be uploaded to a private, password protected gallery for you to download the images right to your phone and/or computer. If you rather have a Disc mailed to you, please add $10 to the above pricing.  Images will be completed within 2-3 weeks.  


If you would like professional hair and makeup, please let me know when booking & I can give you referral names!


Boudoir Gifts:

8x8 20 page “little black book” ..... $85 shipped to your home

 calendar ...... $50 shipped to your home


 Please allow 2 weeks for creation and 2 weeks  for processing and delivery. Immediate Payment is due before I begin to create your gift(s) - all sales are final. 


Boudoir Q&A:


“What kind of outfits should I wear?”

Anything that’s going to make you feel confident, sexy and comfortable. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LINGERIE 

--as you can see from the photos above, there is such a wide variety of clothing that you can wear! I can always help give pointer if you're stuck. 


“What do you mean by props?”

This is where things get fun and where you can be creative! Does you significant other play the guitar? Bring it! What about a motorcycle jacket? Cowboy hat? You can get as creative as you wish!


“Do you photograph semi nude/nude?”

If you want certain shots,  I will photograph it tastefully. That is totally up to you. I will not ask you to pose semi nude if you do not want them.  


“I’m so nervous, I don’t know how to pose”
That’s what I there for! I’m prepared with dozens of ideas and will talk you through the ENTIRE thing - where to look, how to’ll feel like a rockstar! PS: if you look at the example photos above, you'll see a few of yours truly! It's important to me to be in front of the camera when I tell you I've been there, I really mean it ;)

studio 2.png