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Hey everyone!   I’m Ashlyn. 

It's taken me a while to figure out "my why" when it comes to this job....and I honestly love the relationships I've created with my clients. I want to be there on your wedding day, capture your baby bump, photograph your newborn and new family at every milestone. I LIVE for not only connecting with you and your story, but seeing you and your family grow - and I get to be able to be the memory capturer for you.


I first picked up a DSLR in December of 2009 to photograph The Nutcracker at The Warner Theater. I was both dancing and teaching at this point and it felt great being able to capture those quick, beautiful moments of that performance on camera, and I give most of my credit to my dance background for that. 


I’ve taken photos for SO many clients and I am so blessed! Never in my wildest dreams did I think taking pictures for people would have grown to what it’s become! I enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new people, and creating lasting friendships. 

I'm a Canon camera user. I consider my work to look like real life - bright, vibrant, and's as if you're looking at the photo in the moment it happened with your own two eyes. I’m inspired by passion, laughter, and the overall joy of life.


I’m self-taught and I grow in my work! That’s why I LOVE being a photographer - I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and perfecting my current ones….this business definitely keeps me on my toes and as someone with a type A personality, it works out greatly in my favor.


...Did You Know?!


I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in June of 2022 and had my full thyroid removed in September. 

While it's been a journey full of stress that pretty much came out of left field, I am still thankful for my current outcome as I transition to this new life without a thyroid. 

I am an open book about my journey so far and I'm ALLLL about education about what I've learned along the way. Feel free to ask! 

I am currently still headed in the direction of "no evidence of disease" along with getting my hormone levels in the right range. While it's scary, I'm still hopeful and optimistic

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