Hey everyone!   I’m Ashlyn. 

It's taken me a while to figure out "my why" when it comes to this job....and I honestly love the relationships I've created with my clients. I want to be there on your wedding day, capture your baby bump, photograph your newborn and new family at every milestone. I LIVE for not only connecting with you and your story, but seeing you and your family grow - and I get to be able to be the memory capturer for you.


I first picked up a DSLR in December of 2009 when my little sister, Olivia, was Clara in the 51st annual Nutcracker at The Lake Erie Ballet. I feel like I 'inherited the knack' (of photography) from my mom, who used to take wedding photos for friends and family….wayyyyy back before the digital days! My mom Nancy still helps me out as my Assistant at Weddings when I need her.


Since the true start of ‘ACD Photography’ in Summer, 2011, I’ve taken photos for HUNDREDS of clients -  which blows my mind! These include families, couples, newborns, high-school seniors, dancers, children of all ages, weddings, pregnancies, sisters, friends, headshots, a few pets, a few parties, and everything else in between!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think ACD Photography would have grown to what it’s become! I enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new people, and creating lasting friendships. It’s honestly been such a blessing in my life! 

I'm a Canon camera user. I consider my work to look like real life - bright, vibrant, and warm...it's as if you're looking at the photo in the moment it happened with your own two eyes. I’m inspired by passion, laughter, and the overall joy of life.

I’m self-taught and I grow in my business every.single.day! That’s why I LOVE being a photographer - I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and perfecting my current ones….this business definitely keeps me on my toes and as someone with a type A personality, it works out greatly in my favor.


A huge thank you to  Michaela Dunn, Erica Whiting, Brad Perrine, Kaitlynn Fachetti\,  Thomas Ayers, and Nancy Duke

for the headshots/BTS pictures!

...Did You Know?!

Lists, preplanning, and having a schedule/timeline (in both my work and personal life) keeps me sane and happy. As mentioned above I’m very “Type – A”

With that being said,  I have a hard time not working or doing something. Even if I’m on the couch, I have laundry going or doing something to keep my hands and mind busy.